You Can Do These Ways To Detect Damage On Your Hair

You Can Do These Ways To Detect Damage On Your Hair

November 30, 2019 0 By admin

You can detect damaged hair by glancing at the signs. In order to ascertain the extent of hair damage that you experience, we will share several ways to detect hair damage that you can do. In the meantime, if you also want to make your hair grow faster, we recommend you to try the best laser hair growth device that you can buy online.

Here are some ways you can try:

Water absorption test

Damaged hair is easier to absorb water because the strands have broken. Remove each strand of hair from the top of the head, sides, and back, then drop to the surface of the water. If the hair sinks, it means the hair has been damaged.

Porosity test

This test determines the condition of the cuticle layer. How, pinch a few strands of hair between the middle finger and index finger, then follow from the base to the ends. If the hair feels rough and is not uniform, this is a sign that your hair has been damaged.

Pull test

This test is to determine the flexibility of the hair. Wet 3 strands of your hair, pinch the ends with thumb and forefinger, then gently pull. If the hair cannot stretch (stretch), or even break off immediately, it means your hair has been damaged.

Hair thickness test (especially ponytail)

You can find out if your hair has thinned out with this test. The trick, pigtail your hair with a hair tie. If you need 3 or more ties (whereas 1-2 were enough), that means your hair is thinning.

Damaged hair is one of the most common problems, but it is difficult to handle. Without proper care, damaged hair can cause further problems such as hair loss and baldness.

Before the sign of damaged hair starts to appear, try to look again at the way you treat your hair so far. As much as possible, avoid habits that can damage your hair and try to find the right treatment technique for your hair type.