Combing Hair Too Often Can Damage It

Combing Hair Too Often Can Damage It

November 30, 2019 0 By admin

Hair is a valuable ‘asset’ for every woman. Not surprisingly, many women deliberately spend hours in beauty salons just to treat their hair. The amount of information about the wrong hair care, sometimes makes you do things that should not be done, one of them combing hair too often. Aside from that, if you also suffer from the hair loss problem, we recommend you to try some of the best laser hair growth devices that you might be able to buy on online stores.

If you are among those who believe that combing your hair as often as possible can make your hair long, it helps you stop this habit immediately. This does not mean that combing is not good for your hair. There are so many benefits of combing that you can get, however, not by combing too often.

Combing too often can actually make your hair damaged quickly. According to Mika Fowler’s hairdresser, combing hair normally can make natural oil or sebum in hair produced by oil glands (sebaceous glands) be distributed evenly throughout the hair. So that every time you finish combing, your hair becomes neat and shiny.

Combing your hair too often can cause friction in the hair which can cause damage to the cuticles and make your hair look curly. In addition, if you experience thinning or hair loss, combing hair too often can actually add more pressure to the hair follicles that are already fragile.

You are advised to only comb your hair as needed. Comb your hair gently using a wide ‘wide-toothed’ comb or comb with soft hair to break down your tangled hair without having to pull and hurt each strand of hair. Not that your hair gets longer and shiny, your hair will actually be damaged

Here are some ways to comb your hair properly:

1. Comb gently and not harshly.

2. Comb the hair sufficiently.

3. Don’t comb wet hair.

4. Comb from a distance of 5cm from the hair root.

5. Choose the appropriate comb and avoid plastic combs.

6. Make sure your comb is clean.